RollenWechsel - Who we are

RollenWechsel - films (not only) for lesbians and gays
RollenWechsel promotes films off the beaten tracks of mainstream movies which contain lesbian, bisexual, gay, and/or feminist topics. We do our work to help gays and lesbians and others to emancipate and to elucidate the audience in Oldenburg and the surrounding communities on homosexuality. In our region we are the only film group regularly showing lesbian and gay films. Therefore, we help to enlarge the gay and lesbian cultural supply of our area.
One of our main intentions is to show the population homosexual lifestyles as part of the diversity in our society.

Of course, entertainment should not be forgot in the end. We also try and screen short films as a special cinematic medium.

Our screenings are usually open to anybody. Dates and times can be found in the local magazines, newspapers and other media and of course here on our homepage. There is also the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed continually on updates of the homepage and upcoming screenings.

Our history
In 1992 a gay and lesbian film group was founded in the Na Und e.V. (means: So what (registered society)), the local lesbian and gay society. Until 1995 the gay part irregularly arranged screenings and the lesbian part independently organized monthly screenings at the Alhambra (independent cultural center). Since 1999 the gays are back and all screenings are arranged in cooperation of the lesbian and gay members of RollenWechsel. At special events, like the Gay Pride (called "Christopher Street Day" (CSD) in Germany) taking place at the end of June or the AIDS awareness day on 1st December every year we have had special screenings for several years now.
We also cooperate with other film groups like the "Medienbüro Oldenburg" and contribute to film series, short film days and the Oldenburger Filmtage (one of the two annual local film festivals).